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I am Sujeevan Muralimohan doing my masters in creative economy. This essay is all about my reflections for the module creative economy.  I was born in Sri Lanka and I have completed my Undergraduate Visual Communication in India. Right from my young age I had a great interest over creativity and exploring new things, due to which I wished to do my masters  abroad and came up to United Kingdom to continue my Post Graduate in Kingston University, which is the only University which has this unique course, providing masters in Creative Economy. But the true fact is that I came to this university to do my masters in marketing communication and advertising. Still when I came to know about this course and its module I was tempted to shift my course to this one. I spoke to the right people and I was transferred to this course MA Creative Economy. So I was a bit late to this course due to all these factors. 

Before I start my essay I am indebted to tell about my Module Leader   Corrine.

Corrine has a sound knowledge about the module which she carries on for us and she is a multitalented teacher who gives life to our class room through her prudence in different fields. The many practical activities by which she makes us to engage ourselves and thereby making learning easy for us.

She has been so friendly with us, which lets us to move on with the class easily. She acts aptly keeping in mind that there are people from different corner of globe in the same class. She has also been so very helpful for the students who have lost classes due to few reasons like late joining. And she always gives the colour to the class through her outstanding activities. 

Every week we will be given some task to be completed and we have to post that in our MACE blog which will be viewed and discussed in the beginning of the next weeks class and our module leader will comment about the good part and also bringing us into light about the part on which we can improve. She always encourage us by standing along with us and moulding us into a better individual though she never criticizes the students works.

Learning in Corrine’s class was really a good time of my education life, as the atmosphere and the way she teaches us has been marvellous and outstanding, the most important think I have to say about her is that she will never hesitate to interact with the students and answer our question and make sure that we are in par with her. Understanding the whole lot of concepts and the most memorable class for me was the week about branding where she was so outstanding by teaching us the concepts with so many examples and practical task and videos. It seems to be so easy only because of her sound knowledge aver the topic and her teaching skills.

I can end up with so many thousands of words talking about Corrine’s class activities, as it was such a wonderful experience, but we are restricted with three thousand words only and I would like to end up saying about her class is “the most enjoyable place where I enjoy and learn my subjects and the place where my heart feels happy and my brain keeps active”


Since I missed my introduction class, I learned from others about this module and still I dint have a clear idea about that. So I went to Corrine and she gave me a brief explanation about her module and it was like, we had to make a business in a creative way and run that till April and we also had to make a report about that business which was a group work.

I had an apprehension in my mind when I came to know that it must be done as a group because that was the first time in my life I was asked to work as a group. We had to carry on with a business. I was kind of exited but I never knew how I would come up with my other group members since they were from different continents.  

We were five in my group Khrystiyna , Yaung, Manias and Andriya. We waited for one week to me since two people in our group were quite late due to their visa problems and there were some people who changed their group. After a week everything was finalised and we had a team were we were asked to think and decide about the business that we had to carry on with.

In the beginning, my course was so difficult for me. To add to it I was homesick as well. The new Country, new people were all so different and moreover I dint find a place to stay as the college accommodations were full. So had to make use of public transport in reaching the college and I was not able to keep up my time to class and there where so many difficulties for me to get along with the class and group.

We had many group meetings to decide, about which business we were going to carry on. We all had many ideas and every one came out with a variety of concepts. Since that was the first time I was made to work in a group, I was feeling uncomfortable and also we were not able to finalise with our business due to many misunderstandings and disputes among our group members. As everyone of our team are from different countries, the way we think and act was totally different and since we had no one from the United Kingdom we had the difficulty of analysing what business we can come up with.

And I had a big trouble with my health due to the climatic changes and the new environment.  I dint turn up for many of our group meetings and class, due to which  there was a conflict between me and my group people. I informed them about my illness and I dint turn back with the hope  that they will understand me and since I dint get any mail or phone call from them I concluded myself that there is nothing serious happening and they dint need me. I really had a bad time with my health and I had no one to look after me. I have lived with my family throughout my life  and when i was left alone, I was much depressed as well and when I got little better,  I logged in to my blackboard to see what was happening and to check my mails. But when I opened my mail  I was really shocked to see the mail from my course director asking me to submit  the reason for my absence.  I was so worried about that as I had nothing to show them that I was ill. There had been a rule in this country which I was not aware of that we had to register ourselves to the general physicians  before I go there for my treatment. I was not informed about that, so I was not able to get an appointment with the G.P on time and it was a kind of pressure for me as my university people never consider the fact that I was an international student.  I had so many problems in providing the necessary to exit myself from all the troubles that I have been put into because of my illness. It would have been nice at least if my group members had intimated me about the out comings. But I was kept in the dark.

Later  we all had so many meetings regarding our business  In the beginning we came up with setting up a photo studio for making port folio for the university students for cheaper rates and since Kristina was not happy with that, we changed our concept and we wanted to  export few products from  some other country and sell it in the United Kingdom market in small scale but since there was no innovative idea in that concept we dropped that idea and started to discuss new  ideas and each of them had less support and so we dropped it

And on the other side of these meetings and discussion there were so many misunderstandings and confusion among our group, which turned out as a cold war among few members of our group. So long we were in the process of finalising the concept as we were running out of time due to the fact that we were the last formed group.

And after so many quarrels and misunderstanding we came up with the idea of selling art works done by the young artists.  But I was not interested with that, but I agreed to that as we have to give up something’s sometimes when we work as a group and to my knowledge the only person who liked this concept was Kristina and rest of all were half minded but we agreed to that as we had no time to go for further planning or discussion

The concept of this business was like we had to find some young artist who makes some good paintings or some art work or photography and sells them in the market and our profit will be based on the commission and we planned to meet many young artist and talk to them about our concept so that we can get their products for us to sell in the market. Meanwhile we were discussing about the name for our company and we decided on the name ART BRIDGE after a variety of choices and we started to work on the company projects. The theme of Art Bridge was to promote young artist works and sell their arts in the market. When we started to make a research about the young artists who were interested to work with our company we came to know that many of them were not ready to work, any how we managed to find few people who came forward to make products for our company.  Meanwhile there was a massive misunderstanding between the company partners and Andréa who were not interested in the concept of our business right from the very beginning and left the group and changed to another group as she was interested in some business related to music and I was also trying to leave the group. I spoke to few groups and discussed with them but all of the groups had above 5 to 6people. There was no chance of including me in to the business by any company. Every members of our company hated Kristina’s ideas and the way she moved with us. I guess this was due to the age differences.  i am not sure but it sounded like that to me from the way she trying to act which, annoyed  everyone and at one point of time  Yong , Monisa and myself decided to talk to Corrine about this, so that we could find a solution to it. Meanwhile we were preparing ourselves for the  trade fare as well  and I was given the task to  design the posters and business cars and I was quite busy with that and Yong and Monisa were in to making some art works , and we made few sales in the trade fairs and we were happy about that and we ended up in our vacation were we dint even contact each other and business plans were dropped as it was and the only thing I had to do was finding a free place to sell our products , when we met up after our vacation we had a happy and shocking news for us. That is our group was joined with another group and we had to be one and had to run a business. From the first meeting we knew we had to  act fast as were  running behind all other teams. So the first and foremost thing we had to do was to decide on the product, as we have two different products and different ideas. We had to finalise what we were going to do and the other team was all about selling t shirts and caps but we were related to art works, but I realized the fact that most of my team members were from fashion design so when I spoke about this to my members we decided to do something with fashion. After few meetings we  ended up with making some fashion accessories, but due to lack of time we needed to stick on to a particular product and the final idea was making fashion scarf  for young women. Our company was names us design balance. Everyone in the team was happy about the product and the company name and Kristina left the group without even intimating us. We dint have time to contact her and solve the disputes we just carried on with the business and everyone in the team really worked hard in the beginning as we had to be very quick as we were so late and we divided ourselves into many segments,  production unite, accounts department , sales department and we all worked independently

As the people in the production unit were fully engaged in the production and others where helping them and I was busy with making  new posters and logo. I was the sales manager of the company so I was engaged in making a research about the market to sell and had to arrange for the selling space. As everyone did finish the task assigned to them well in advance we were able to be in time and our progress in business was good and we were ready for the second trade fare in time with our product and there were so many good comments about our products and everyone liked it. We were able to make only few sales  as we had only few things to sell as we had made only few samples to show our customers and on the coming weeks we were all fully engaged and all our company designers where working hard to finish all the products we went in search of raw materials to many places. So that we can get for lesser price to bring down our production cost and all our efforts were answered and our production target was done in time and we got a selling space in our main campus and we were able to sell 14 product out of 16 and we were really happy about that and side by side I was busy with writing my essay and business report as well and we came to the end with the final presentation for our business where we have to present our business in the given time where we have to talk about the business sales profit or loss statement and tell them shortly about the business activity we carried out for this semester and our experience gained for our  future.. The presentation was done well  by our group members and that was a moment we had a deep breath out as we have done our practical part of our business for the company design balance.



One of the fabulous things about her class is that she always brings in some special people who are experts in particular subjects. She is also very much concerned about who comes to our class and she arranges a meeting with them and mostly bringing in an interactive session. All this activities of bringing guest lectures, speakers from various fields have been very useful to us in many ways. We have had special meetings with bank people, people from channels, companies and people from business fields. The sessions with them have been so marvellous, where they shared their experiences answering our questions politely and giving us suggestions to overcome our obstacles and by ways to better ourselves.  There were many sequences which have been outstanding for me and I really loved those concepts and the way Corrine made us to analyse it.


            We always have Corrine’s module by Friday of every week. The activities and learning materials for that particular class will be updated in MACE blog well in advance, so that we will all be able to come for the class well prepared. The way Corrine has carried on with the class would be so lovely and adorable. I started liking her class right from the first day as she makes the class very colourful and lively. We interact with each other on interesting topics, as there will be a activity section in the last one hour of the class where we have to be very practical. The activity will be in such a way that we will have fun but it also makes us to think about the subject.



At the end of our business when we closed the business we came to know that we had lost 14 pounds but we all were so happy that we made a huge profit of knowledge. All the experience we got from this small scale business was really memorable and will be useful for our future. We had so many problems and the solutions for that the most and very important part of this module was Corrine, the women behind the show. The way she moved on with us, the way she made us to learn things  was mind blowing she just injected the capital knowledge into us like a capital and we just had to use that capital and make real profit from the capital what we gained from Corrine and this business …..


busy week

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last week waz quite busy still it waz fun we all have few meeting to talk about out ad film for the company and we where also engaged in finishing our final products still we need to do so many tasks 

ny wai we r on the right direction as we did wa we have planed for this week and  this friday day class  really good although i waz dead tired on tat daii i enjoyed the  class as it waz  alive ,,


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